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Pittsburgh’s 5 Best Things to Do

Pittsburgh PA downtown skylineLooking for a true local experience without visiting the same museums, shopping centers, and landmarks that every other city offers?

Pittsburgh’s diverse culture and location provide the perfect atmosphere for all kinds of outdoor recreation, off-the-wall performances, and unique restaurant venues.

Discover our top 5 picks for a true Pittsburgh experience.

Top 5 Things to Do in Pittsburgh

5. Ride the Duquesne Incline

Duquesne Incline trolley car with Pittsburgh skylineHold onto your seats and camera as the trolley car slowly ascends the 800-foot track at a 30 degree angle. The incline first opened to the public in 1877 and is still providing sweeping views of the Pittsburgh skyline, spectacular bridges, and beautiful scenery.

Pittsburgh residents who live on the mountain commute down the incline on occasion. You’ll get a great view of the city while enjoying a ride on the historic carriages on your way to catch a bus into downtown.

4. Race Dragon Boats on the Allegheny River

It’s a true sight to see — a long, thin boat with a dragon’s head mounted to the end, prowling the river.

The Three Rivers Rowing Association offers summer dragon boating programs for adults and children to enjoy during the warm summer months, and it’s a great way to explore Pittsburgh from a unique perspective.

If you find yourself wanting a thrilling and competitive dragon boating experience, you can join the Pittsburgh Paddlefish, the city’s adult dragon boat team. They compete locally, nationally, and even globally in racing tournaments.

3.  Taste Local Beer at The Church Brew Works

beer pintStep into the old church’s double doors and witness Pittsburgh’s cultural revival.

Craft beer enthusiasts transformed the vacant St. John’s the Baptist Church in the mid-1990s into a truly one-of-a-kind Pittsburgh restaurant, where draft beers feature divine names like “Celestial Gold” and “Pipe Organ Pale Ale” and the interior of The Church Brew Works maintains the same stained glass windows and lofty ceilings.

They’ve taken great pains to preserve the church’s original character — the bar itself was even constructed out of the church’s old wooden pews.

2. Visit Off the Wall Productions at Carnegie Stage

Off the Wall Productions in nearby Washington, PA will energize you and expose you to the Pittsburgh area’s local culture. The small and intimate theatre setting will give you a truly immersive experience, and the company’s productions challenge traditional art forms and even social norms at times.

1. Discover Where Horror Movies Began

sun shining on cross headstone“They’re coming to get you, Barbara…”

Just north of Pittsburgh is Evans City, PA, where the opening scenes for Night of the Living Dead were filmed nearly half a century ago. While you won’t find the undead prowling the graveyard like in the film, you can certainly play the black-and-white scene in your mind as you give a nod to a birthplace of the modern horror genre.

Night of the Living Dead is yet another example of Pittsburgh’s appeal as a filming location 

Experience Pittsburgh as a Resident

Did we include the best local Pittsburgh spots? Let us know in the comments below.

If you’d like to experience the best of Pittsburgh’s culture, contact our office at 724-941-8680 or one of our real estate staff and we can provide you with information about the area, homes for sale, and the answers to any of your questions about residential life.

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