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Archives: September 2015

Experience a Taste of Pittsburgh

Earlier this year, we talked about Pittsburgh’s appeal as a foodie city, which earned it a spot on Livability’s Top 10 Foodie Cities list. Famous for its unique local restaurants in eclectic settings, Pittsburgh has local experiences that revolve around tasting the city’s best cuisine. Taste Pittsburgh’s Best Cuisine Whether you’re looking for the perfect upscale restaurant […]

New Developments in Pittsburgh’s Strip District

Pittsburgh’s Strip District, which borders the Allegheny River, is known for fantastic restaurants, produce stands, and markets. And more businesses and residential communities are making The Strip their home. There are several recent developments in the Strip District, either as proposals or as new construction, so let’s take a look at the changing landscape in […]

History is on Tour in Pittsburgh This Week

Pittsburgh is known for its heritage in industry, and this week, residents get to experience that history for themselves. The WWII-era supply ship and memorial LST 325 is stopping in Pittsburgh this week to showcase not only American history but also a glimpse of Pittsburgh’s history. Pittsburgh’s Hand in Ship Building During WWII While the LST 325 (which stands […]

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