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New Developments in Pittsburgh’s Strip District

Pittsburgh’s Strip District, which borders the Allegheny River, is known for fantastic restaurants, produce stands, and markets. And more businesses and residential communities are making The Strip their home.

There are several recent developments in the Strip District, either as proposals or as new construction, so let’s take a look at the changing landscape in Pittsburgh.

bulldozer at construction siteNew Developments in The Strip

There’s always something happening in the Strip District, whether it’s a new business announcement or an exciting festival taking place. Recently, there have been several new happenings in Pittsburgh’s Strip District: a new hotel, condo building, and office complex, just to name a few.

Proposed: A Boutique Hotel and New Condo Community

Yesterday there came the announcement that a new boutique hotel would be coming to The Strip, offering upscale amenities and over 130 rooms next to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. Construction would start as early as next spring.

A new condo community may be coming to Pittsburgh, as well. An 18-story development with about 80 homes would rise from Penn Avenue between 26th Street and 27th Street, joining the other homes in The Strip that have transformed older buildings into residential communities.

Developments Under Construction

The multi-use 3 Crossings complex is under construction in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. The riverfront development is bringing new apartments, a large law firm, Apple, and other businesses to The Strip, and construction is well underway. One office building is set to open soon, another will open next summer, and construction will soon start on a third building and conclude by March 2017.

All of this development in the area means new jobs, new homes, and new experiences in The Strip — an exciting time for both residents and interested home buyers alike. And it you want to be a part of all the action (and live in the #1 Best Downtown in America, Pittsburgh), you’ll want to make your home here.

Eager to Make Your Home in Pittsburgh?

If you’re looking for the best place to call home, we invite you to discover Pittsburgh’s Strip District. Search the Pittsburgh real estate listings by price to find your dream place to live near this exciting area, and let us know if you want a personal tour of the house or neighborhood by calling us at 724.941.8680.

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