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Top Suburbs and Neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, PA for Commuters

When you’re considering where you want to buy your next home, it’s important to understand the commutes you will be making. Fortunately, when buying in the Pittsburgh, PA area, commuting is made easy! Here a few of the most convenient communities and suburbs when commuting to Pittsburgh, PA:

Mt. Lebanon

red train on tracks coming into station.Mt. Lebanon is a hot spot for commuters. Its location along US-19 allows residents an almost direct route to Pittsburgh, PA. The driving commute is typically around 25 minutes long.  The Allegheny County bus system area also has several stations in this community, making it possible to get into the city by bus in less than 30 minutes.

Castle Shannon

Castle Shannon is ideally located to Pittsburgh, PA, reachable in a 20 minute drive via Route 88. The bus system is also a great way to travel from Castle Shannon to Pittsburgh–a direct route will get you there in approximately 25 minutes! Light rails are another popular mode of travel.


drivers side headlight of car. When it comes to easy travel, it’s hard to top Brentwood. Light rail stations will get you there quick, and so will a bus ride, typically taking around 30 minutes. Drives from Brentwood to Pittsburgh tend to fluctuate around 25 minutes.


Carnegie is a wonderful community for commuters. You will be able to get to Pittsburgh, PA in under 10 minutes by car! Light rail and bus stations are also available in this community, and commutes by these methods of public transportation typically take around 20 minutes.


center aisle of city bus.Greentree, PA is another highly convenient Pittsburgh, PA suburb. You will be able to get into Downtown Pittsburgh in less than 10 minutes, and that’s not including public transit! You won’t ever need to worry about finding parking downtown! The bus and light rail will get you there in around 10 to 15 minutes.

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